Child Protective Services (CFS): Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline information provided by: Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services, Addictive & Mental Disorders Division

The Children's Division Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline accepts confidential reports of suspected child abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Reports are received through a toll-free telephone line which is answered seven days a week, 24 hours a day. 
Record last updated: May 29 2013 3:12PM
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  • 3302 4th Avenue North 
    Suite 103 
    Billings , MT  59104 
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Phone Numbers

  • 24 hrs/7 days 
    (866) 820-5437 
  • TTY 
    (800) 341-8811 

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User Reviews

Billings citizen
11/16/2015 2:55:47 PM

Thank you for what all you do. I can't imagine being in your shoes. It takes a very special person to work for CPS. CPS saves lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
2/11/2015 2:12:14 PM

I called you guys and told you about a little girl who was seeing her dad smoke meth and you removed her from that home in a matter of a week. Great Job!
Concerned grandmother
5/24/2015 3:18:20 PM

I agree with the complaint that your agency puts children in the system to obtain funds. My grandchildren were taken for no probable cause and then keep postponing hearings until they can drum up a legitimate reason for taking them. They were taken illegally according to the statutes and are wasting taxpayer dollars paying foster parents unnecessarily. Seems they are all in cahoots with each other. Is this foster family related to someone at cpps or what? Just because a person can not afford an attorney to fight them they take advantage
Y'all Don't give a Damn!!!
7/7/2015 11:18:50 AM

CPS or whatever you want to call yourselfs is a bunch of bull maneuver. I'm am a grandmother of two and my daughter is fighting with you buttheads over what??? NOTHING!! That's what!! I'm furious with All CPS'S AROUND THE UNITED STATES ESPECIALLY THE ONE IN AUSTIN TEXAS!! YOU HAVE TO BE THE MOST MONEY GRUBING STATE AND CITY EVER!!! All I want is for my kid to get out of your stupid court proceedings and my grandkids returned to her. she did nothing wrong and this BS has gone on for far to long almost a year. Y'all use these PEOPLE like pawns in a chess game and DESTROY WHATEVER YOU TOUCH!!! That doesn't sound like the protection y'all should be giving to make things better. Y'all all don't know your jobs and what your doing and personally should all be FIRED!! THIS WHOLE CPS THING NEEDS TO BE REVAMPED!!!

12/5/2014 12:54:39 PM

How can you call yourselves a child protective service ? You left a 12 year old child in the house where you knew she was being raped! She was also pregnant by the rapist/child molestor who was living there he was the mothers boyfriend. The school notified Billings CPS, parents called CPS, this little girls grandparents begged CPS to get her out of that house, but nope Billings CPS did nothing! It took this child's grandmother 9 months to get her granddaughter as CPS allowed her to stay in that house 3 months after she delivered the baby. The grandmother did all the work to save her granddaughter and now a great grandchild while child protective services did nothing! Whose side are u on CPS, the rapist? How much proof did u need? The 12 year old was pregnant duh? When did u stop protecting the children and start protecting the predator ?

1/15/2015 6:10:28 AM

I believe it is not your intention to keep families together. You put children in the system for more state & federal money. There is a baby in foster care when there is a loving grandmother (and other family members) willing to care for her. Treating this grandmother like she is a pile of dirt. You people should be ashamed of yourself. I wonder how you people sleep at night.

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